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News from the 1st quarter of 2023

News from the 1st quarter of 2023

07 April 2023
Paul Zieger

New version of the iCL-Filler

A lot has changed in the new version of iCL-Filler. Our system now supports the integration of a location of defects and assets in plans. We have also redesigned the defects menu.


The plan field can be used to upload plans to be used for localisation of defects and assets.

Position field

The position field is used to locate installations and defects in plans.


Menu "Plans"

In the new "Plans" menu, all plans for specific inspections can be displayed. In the plans, all located assets and defects can be seen at a glance.

Menu "Defects"

The "Defects" menu has been redesigned. From now on, not only the existing defects are displayed, but also those created during the current inspection. The new defects are marked with a symbol. A click on a defect leads directly to the heading in which the defect is located. If specified in the definition of the content type, defects can be provided with thumbnail images to make it easier to find a defect in the "Defects" menu.


We have also been fixing many bugs and working on improving the performance of the app as well as developing many new features over the last few months.