iCL Product Family

Your customised software solution for quality inspections

Do you perform recurring inspections and want

  • a good overview of all inspections and recorded defects?
  • to implement high quality standards?
  • to automate documentation?
  • to save time and money?

iCL is our intelligent software solution that supports you in all of this. You can use it on your smartphone, tablet or PC. Online and offline.

The solution

Use our solution to perform inspections professionally and efficiently in a wide range of areas. Whether you use it at the test stand, in the field or in administive settings - our solution saves you time during the inspection, when creating reports and when analysing the results.

We use our IT skills and quality management expertise to help you create your digital checklists. With iCL, you can redefine the inspection content, structure and report at any time.

Easy, quick and visual implementation of checklists

Continuous optimisation of your inspection processes

Evaluation of all recorded data in real time

Automatic generation of inspection reports and protocols

Fully adjustable and customisable to suit your needs

Custom feedback

What makes us happy


How it works

1. iCL-Designer - Setup

Working with iCL Designer is intuitive and does not require any programming knowledge. The flowchart view allows you to easily map even complex inspection content.

Create an inspection template on your PC

Easily update and adjust inspection templates

Benefit from intuitive handling in mind-map style

Define question types such as text box fields, GPS recording and much more

2. iCL-Portal - Planning

The iCL Portal shows you the current status of all inspections at any time. From here, you can plan your assignments and create evaluations at the touch of a button.

Centrally administrate and manage inspections and assignments

Centrally update templates for all teams

Use team structures for effective planning of assignments

3. iCL-Filler App - Inspection

Each inspector can access the checklists online and offline using a smartphone or tablet. In addition, inspectors can produce photos or GPS coordinates at the touch of a button and incorporate them into the report.

Work through assigned tasks

Navigate easily and intuitively

Enter all inspection data offline

Track defects efficiently

4. iCL-Portal - Evaluation

Our platform can be connected to existing planning tools if desired. The iCL Portal provides you with more insight and simplifies project planning.

Use the analysis tools to evaluate inspection data

Manage recorded defects centrally

5. iCL-Reporting - Documentation

iCL enables you to create reports at the touch of a button. You can also adapt the template to suit your needs. Photos taken during the inspection are automatically inserted into the report.

Evaluate, filter and display inspection results

Display content as a PDF or Word file for post-processing

Choose individual designs in Word

6. iCL-Dashboard - Analysis

All collected data is displayed graphically on the live dashboard. This means you can quickly see, for instance, how many inspections have been performed in any given month.

See real-time statistics for all collected data

Use the statistics to optimise checklists or internal processes.

Ready-made solutions

Would you prefer a ready-made solution rather than creating the checklists yourself? Our team of experts will be happy to digitise and optimise your existing checklists. Ready-made solutions already exist for the B1300/B1301, TRVB and EN1176 standards. You can use these immediately.

your benefits

Easy creation

You can quickly create and optimise new checklists or protocols for all areas.

All data available at all times

Our app also works offline and will synchronise all necessary data as soon as you're back online.

Fully automatic reports

Reports are created fully automatically, which saves time.


Manage data, access reports and schedule checks via our web portal.

Stop wasting time on documenting inspections. Switch to iCL - our digital checklist.

Let’s work together to take your quality inspections to the next level.

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