iCL – the intelligent checklist for mobile devices

Next generation quality management

Digital technologies like iCL make you fit for the future and competitive. We help you digitalise and optimise your quality inspections. Let’s work together and take your quality inspections to the next level.

Our Solution

Use digital checklists to perform your checks professionally and efficiently in a wide range of areas. Whether you use it at the test stand, in the field or in administrative settings – our solution saves you time during the inspection, when creating reports and when analysing the results.

Our software solution is used in many sectores, such as real estate, facility management, technical inspections, medical technology and fire safety.

iCL Product Family

We use our IT skills and quality management expertise to help you create your digital checklists. With iCL, you can redefine the inspection content, structure, and report at any time.

For the technical implementation of the digital checklists, we use our iCL Filler app, iCL Designer and iCL Portal.

iCL Standard Solutions

Are you looking for a ready-made product that only requires a few minor changes? Our ready-made solutions help you get started in the world of digital checklists.

iCL Fire Safety Inspections

Use our solution to perform fire safety inspections professionally and efficiently in accordance with the TRVB fire safety regulation.

Our iCL Filler app makes it easy to perform checks on your smartphone or tablet. The tool displays pending inspections according to the inspection interval and documents completed checks and defects.

iCL Playground Inspections

Use iCL to inspect playground equipment professionally and efficiently in accordance with Austrian ÖNORM EN 1176/1177 standards.

You can use photos to document and describe any defects on the equipment. During subsequent inspections, you can follow up on defects and mark them as fixed. You can work across platforms, both online and offline, using Android, iOS or Windows 10.

iCL Property Safety Inspections

Use iCL to perform property safety inspections professionally and efficiently in accordance with Austrian ÖNORM B1300/B1301 standards.

After each check, legally compliant inspection reports are automatically generated in your chosen design and sent to all selected recipients.

Your Solution

Do you have entirely different requirements, ideas or plans for your inspections?

With iCL, you can create and design your own customised inspections that can be adjusted at any time. Make the changes yourself or ask our experienced development team to make them for you.

What Our Customers Say

Testimonial Katrin Karbon

Katrin Karbon

Brandschutzzentrum Tirol

With iCL, we’veve been able to increase the number of inspections per day from 1.5 to 4. Our efficiency has almost tripled, and we now make four new offers per day. Switching to iCL was by far the best decision we’ve made this year.

Testimonial Stefan Nakowitsch

Stefan Nakowitsch

EHL Immobilien

Sure, an old car with a three-speed gearbox and no air conditioning will get me to my summer holiday destination. But I’ll be too hot and the car might break down. Alternatively, I can make the trip in a brand new, air-conditioned, 200 hp, seven-speed automatic car. That’s what it feels like to work with iCL instead of using manual checklists.

Testimonial Katrin Karbon

Christian Steinmetz, MA

ÖRAG Österreichische Realitäten AG

We looked at lots of solutions before we opted for iCL. The tool is highly individual, flexible and user-friendly, and that ultimately won us over. The ability to use iCL immediately, without training, is one of the greatest benefits for us.


What we offer


Our implementation services benefit from our years of experience in IT and quality management. We provide you with expert advice on how best to use iCL for your inspections.


We’ve got the IT skills to ensure that our software is implemented correctly. If necessary, we make adaptations and create interfaces with existing or new IT systems.


In our team we combine extensive IT skills with many years of quality management expertise. We know the special requirements that both areas entail and are happy to pass on our knowledge.