iCL Property Safety

Interactive, fast, legally compliant

Do you perform property safety inspections in line with B1300/B1301 standards and want to

  • have an overview of all buildings?
  • create reports automatically?
  • document defects quickly?

We have developed iCL, our intelligent software solution, to fulfill all of these needs. You can use it on your smartphone or tablet. Online and offline.

The solution

With iCL, you can perform property safety inspections professionally and efficiently in accordance with Austrian ÖNORM B1300/B1301 standards. Whether you use it online or offline, on your smartphone or tablet, our app will adjust to your specifications. iCL displays all inspection items and documents completed checks as well as defects. Legally compliant inspection reports are automatically generated in your chosen design.

All inspection items predefined in line with standards

No more time spent on producing reports

Easy processing of existing defects

Customer feedback

What makes our customers happy


How it works

1. Manage your buildings

Master data

Manage building data centrally via an interface.

Equipment in the building

Define the exact equipment of each building during the first inspection.

Large volumes of data offline

Our app can easily handle 100 buildings and more.

2. Perform a safety inspection

On-site inspection

During each inspection, the system informs you which inspection items need to be checked according to ÖNORM B1300/B1301.

Record defects

Record any defects found on site and document their status.

Check defects

Previously identified defects are displayed, allowing you to document their status.

Photo documentation

You can also document defects with your camera.

3. Create reports automatically

Inspection reports

After a safety inspection is completed, reports are automatically generated and sent by e-mail.


Report templates can be adapted and customised.

4. Plan your checks


Plan safety inspections in advance and assign checks to individual staff members.

Web portal

Check the progress of tasks via the iCL Portal.

5. Update your digital logbook automatically


The collected data is displayed graphically on the live dashboard. This means, you have an overview of all inspections and defects at all times.

digital logbook

All inspection reports are stored electronically and you can access them via the web portal from your office or while out and about. The logbook automatically documents all inspection activities, identified defects and whether they have been fixed.

6. Make changes

Would you like to add new inspection items,categories or further questions? Change the layout of your report? No problem. You can either make the changes yourself using iCL Designer, or our team can quickly make them for you.

7. Your benefits

Easy data management

You can easily add your own defect definitions via the iCL Portal.

ÖNORM B1300/B1301

Our standard version comes pre-filled with all key data for ÖNORM B1300/B1301.

All data available at all times

Our app can work offline and will synchronise all necessary data as soon as you're back online.

Fully automated reports

Create reports quickly at the touch of a button.

Web portal

Manage data, access reports and schedule checks via our web portal.

Stop wasting time on documenting safety inspections. Switch to iCL – our digital B1300/B1301 solution.

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