iCL Portal


Technical Features

The iCL Portal is a web platform that distributes iCL Workbook templates to iCL Fillers, manages tasks and collects results. This platform is available to you as needed.

Portal Projekt


On the iCL Portal you can create projects and assign different roles to users. Different access rights are granted depending on which role is assigned (guest, project manager, coordinator, inspector).

You use projects to manage the corresponding iCL Workbook templates and allocate them to inspectors and iCL Fillers. This ensures that inspectors always have access to the latest version of an iWorkbook and can only use templates they have been authorised to access.

Portal Workbook

Publishing iWorkbook templates

If an iWorkbook template has been created with the iCL Designer, it can be imported to the portal as a test version. After it has been published, the template is sent to all authorised inspectors.

Portal Tasks


Via the portal you can generate tasks, i.e. pre-filled iWorkbooks, assign them to inspectors and follow their status. As soon as an inspector has completed a task and data has been transferred by the iCL Filler, the respective status is shown on the iCL Portal. Final reports are saved and you have full access to the respective reports and data.

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